Joining Bareec Program

1. Public High schools in the State of Kuwait can join “Bareec” program through one of the following methods:

a. School nomination by the Ministry of Education.

b. School’s desire.

c. An invitation from “Bareec” program addressing the school.

2. “Bareec” program is implemented gradually in the schools from grade 10 all through to grade 12.

3. Schools that continue to participate in “Bareec” program:

a. During March and April of each academic year, the schools’ administration of participating schools enhance “Bareec” team by at least 2 to 4 new members.

b. Schools administration can add any number of the educational staff to “Bareec” team, taking into consideration to be inclusive of various specializations, as possible.

c. School administration submits the list of the members of “Bareec” teams, according to the form prepared by “Bareec” administration, including current and the new educational members that will join the program, within a maximum of the first week of April.

4. New joining schools:

a. During March and April of each academic year, “Bareec” program director visits school principals to introduce “Bareec” program and its requirements.

b. School principals form “Bareec” teams, deeming appropriate educational staff of the various disciplines taught in grade 10, demonstrating professional school conduct and commitment, having good relationship with their students.

c. The school principal assigns “Bareec” team leader to act as a link between “Bareec” program administration, the school, and the members of “Bareec” team.

d. The school principal selects one of the school facilities, according to availability in the school, to be the hub of “Bareec” club.

e. “Bareec” club in the school is the headquarters of “Bareec” team as well as the center to perform the activities of the “Bareec” club.

f. The school principal chooses a supervisor for “Bareec” club, to be responsible for the club and the activities that take place there.

g. Within a maximum of two weeks, the school principal is required to submit an official letter addressed to “Bareec” administration, including the biodata of the entire “Bareec” team; the team leader, the club supervisor, and members formed in the school, filled in the form provided to the school by “Bareec” administration.

h. “Bareec” program takes into consideration that during every academic year two new schools at least one school from every educational district, one for boys and another for girls, join “Bareec” program.

5. “Bareec” program takes into consideration that each teacher participating in “Bareec” program, applies the activities to at least one of his/her classes.

‌‌‌‌6. After receiving the list of the team participating in the program, “Bareec” will submit a commitment (pledge) form to the schools to be filled in by the team member participating in the program to carry out the program’s activities and devote to implementation.

‌‌‌‌7. Commitment forms shall be returned to “Bareec” program administration signed and sealed by school principal within one week of receiving the form, after filling them in with the necessary data.

8. Teachers participating in “Bareec” program sign the commitment form only once at the beginning of involvement with “Bareec” program.

‌‌‌‌9. The Chair of the Executive Board of “Bareec” program will send an official letter to the Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Development and Activities in the Ministry of Education, concerning the name of the new schools that will join “Bareec” program and the current schools that will carry on to implement the program for the next academic year.

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